Cleaning the hood

• Failure to observe the instructions on cleaning
the unit and changing the filters will cause a
fire hazard. You are therefore strongly
recommended to follow these instructions.
• The manufacturer declines all responsibility
for any damage to the motor or any fire
damage linked to inappropriate maintenance
or failure to observe the above safety
Changing the light bulb(s)
• Disconnect the cooker hood from the
mains supply.
Prior to touching the light bulbs
ensure they are cooled down.
Cleaning the hood
• Clean the outside of the hood using a damp cloth and a solution of water and mild washing up
• Never use corrosive, abrasive or flammable cleaning products or products containing bleach.
• Never insert pointed objects in the motor’s protective grid.
• Only ever clean the switch panel and filter grill using a damp cloth and mild washing up liquid.
• Clean all the plastic parts with a soft cloth soaked in warm water and neutral soap.
• It is extremely important to clean the unit and change the filters at the recommended intervals.
Failure to do so will cause grease deposits to build up that could constitute a fire hazard.
• Replace the old bulb with a new one of the
same type.
• If the light does not come on, make sure the
bulb has been inserted in correctly before
contacting your local Service Force Centre.