has finished drying

has finished drying.
• If individual items are still damp
after drying, set a brief post-drying
time, but at least 30 minutes. This
will be necessary particularly for
multilayered items (e.g. collars,
pockets, etc.).
Make sure that no metal objects are
left in the laundry (e.g. hair clips,
safety pins, pins).
Button up pillowcases, close zip
fasteners, hooks and poppers. Tie
any belts or long tapes.
To avoid laundry becoming tangled:
close zips, button up duvet covers
and tie loose ties or ribbons (e.g. of
aprons). Turn items with double-lay-
ered fabrics inside out (e.g. with
cotton lined anoraks, the cotton
layer should be outermost). These
fabrics will then dry better.
Maximum loads
Recommended loads are indicated in the time
General rules:
Cotton, linen: drum full but not too
tightly packed;
Synthetics: drum no more than half
Delicate fabrics and woollens:
drum no more than one third full.
Try to load to the maximum capacity of
the machine as small loads are uneco-
Laundry weights
The following weights are indicative:
1200 g
100 g
quilt cover
700 g
500 g
pillow case
200 g
250 g
towelling towel
200 g
tea cloth
100 g
night dress
200 g
ladies’ briefs
100 g
man’s work shirt
600 g
man’s shirt
200 g
man’s pyjamas
500 g
100 g
men’s underpants
100 g