Possible Cause / Solution
The machine fills then empties
The end of the drain hose is too low. 
• Refer to relevant paragraph in «water drainage»
The machine does not empty and/or
does not spin:
The drain hose is squashed or kinked. 
(Red Start/ Pause pilot light flashes)
• Check the drain hose connection.
The drain pump is clogged. 
(Red Start/Pause pilot light flashes)
• Clean the drain pump.
The option 
has been selected.
• Select the Drain or Spin programmes
The laundry is not evenly distributed in the drum.
• Redistribute the laundry.
There is water on the floor:
Too much detergent or unsuitable detergent (creates
too much foam) has been used.
• Reduce the detergent quantity or use another one.
Check whether there are any leaks from one of the
inlet hose fittings. It is not always easy to see this as
the water runs down the hose; check to see if it is
• Check the water inlet hose connection.
The inlet hose is damaged.
• Change it with a new one.
The cap on the emergency emptying hose has not
been replaced after cleaning the pump.
• Put the cap back on the emergency emptying and
place the latter back in its seat.
Unsatisfactory washing results:
Too little detergent or unsuitable detergent has been
• Increase the detergent quantity or use another one.
Stubborn stains have not been treated prior to
• Use commercial products to treat the stubborn
The correct temperature was not selected.
• Check if you have selected the correct
Excessive laundry load.
• Introduce into the drum less laundry.
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