Something N, ot W, orking

If after the above checks your appliance still does not
operate correctly, contact your local Service Force
Please note that it will be necessary to provide proof
of purchase for any in-guarantee service calls.
In-guarantee customers should ensure that the
above checks have been made, as the
engineer will make a charge if the fault is not a
mechanical or electrical breakdown.
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Something N
ot W
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If the appliance is not working correctly, please carry out the following checks before contacting your local
Service Force Centre.
No power to the appliance
The temperature in the
fridge or freezer is too high
The compressor runs
The temperature in the
fridge or freezer is too low
Excessive frost and ice has
built up
The appliance is noisy.
Possible Cause
No power at the socket.
There is a power cut.
The fuse has blown.
Thermostat control knob is set at „0”.
The appliance is located in an unsuitable position.
The thermostat control knob is set too low.
The thermostat control knob is set at the wrong
The door is open.
Large quantities of food have been placed in the
The door has been opened too frequently.
The air ventilation is obstructed.
The thermostat control knob is set too cold.
The door has been left open.
Something is obstructing the door.
The door gasket is dirty.
The appliance is not level.
Check there is power at the socket.
Check there is not a power cut by checking the
household lights.
Check the fuse has not blown.
Check the thermostat setting.
Check the ambient temperature is within the
appliances operating limits of 10 °C to 32 °C.
Check that the thermostat control knob is turned to
the correct setting relative to ambient conditions.
Adjust the thermostat control knob.
Close the door.
Do not leave the door open longer than necessary.
Check that the air ventilation is not obstructed.
Set the thermostat control knob to a warmer
Check the door has not been left open.
Check nothing is preventing the door from closing.
Check the door gasket is intact and clean.
Check if the appliance stands stable on the floor.