Care and cleaning

You must DISCONNECT the appliance from
the electricity supply, before you can carry out
any cleaning or maintenance work.
The water we use normally contains lime. It is
a good idea to periodically use a water
softening powder in the machine. Do this
separately from any laundry washing, and
according to the softening powder
manufacturer's instructions. This will help to
prevent the formation of lime deposits.
Maintenance Wash
With the use of low temperature washes it is
possible to get a build up of residues inside the
We recommend that a maintenance wash be
performed on a regular basis.
To run a maintenance wash:
The drum should be empty of laundry.
Select the hottest cotton wash programme.
Use a normal measure of detergent, must be
a powder with biological properties.
External cleaning
Clean the exterior cabinet of the appliance with
soap and water only, and then dry thoroughly.
Cleaning the dispenser drawer
The washing powder and additive dispenser
drawer should be cleaned regularly.
To aid cleaning, the top part of the additive
compartment should be removed.
Remove the drawer by pressing the catch
downwards and by pulling it out. Flush it out
under a tap, to remove any traces of
accumulated powder.
Cleaning the drawer recess
Having removed the
drawer, use a small
brush to clean the
recess, ensuring that all
washing powder
residue is removed from
the upper and lower 
part of the recess.
Replace the drawer and run the rinse
programme without any clothes in the drum.
Cleaning the pump
The pump should be inspected if
the machine does not empty and/or spin 
the machine makes an unusual noise during
draining due to objects such as safety pins,
coins etc. blocking the pump. 
Proceed as follows:
Disconnect the appliance. 
If necessary wait until the water has cooled
Open the pump door.
Place a container close
to the pump to collect
any spillage. 
Pull out the emergency
emptying hose, place it
in the container and
remove its cap.
When no more water comes out, unscrew the
pump cover and remove it. Always keep a
rag nearby to dry up spillage of water when
removing the cover.
Care and cleaning
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