Freezer, Important

Remember to wash the defrost cleaner in hot soapy
water at regular intervals. Dry throughly before
When the frost has reached a thickness of up to 4mm it
can be removed using the ice scraper provided with the
appliance. During this operation it is not necessary to
disconnect the appliance from the mains and remove
the food. Never use metal tools for this operation.
For complete defrosting (once or twice a year) proceed
as follows:
-  turn the thermostat control knob to the «OFF»
position (O) or disconnect the appliance from the
-  Remove any food from inside the freezer and fridge,
wrap it in several sheets of newspaper and store in
a cool,dry place.
-  Leave the door open and insert the ice scraper
under the channel in the centre of the lower part of
the appliance; place a low-sided container beneath
the scraper to collect the water (see fig.).
-  Clean and dry thoroughly.
-  Replace the scraper in one of the drawers .
-  Reconnect the appliance to the mains or reset the
thermostat control knob to a functioning position.
-  After letting the appliance run for at least half an
hour, replace the previously removed food into the
When defrosting the freezer, the fridge is also
controlled by the thermostat and will not be operational
during this period. A temperature rise of the frozen food
packs, during defrosting, may shorten their safe
storage life.
In the event of a power failure causing the
temperature within your freezer to rise, do not re-
freeze the food without checking its condition. The
following guidelines should assist you.
Ice-cream: once thawed should be discarded.
Fruits & Vegetables: if soft should be cooked and
used up.
Breads & Cakes: can be re-frozen without danger.
Shellfish: should be refrigerated and used up quickly.
Cooked Dishes: i.e. casseroles should be refrigerated
and used up.
Large Pieces of Meat: can be re-frozen providing
there are still ice crystals remaining within them.
Small Joints: should be cooked and can then be re-
frozen as cooked dishes.
Chicken: should also be cooked and re-frozen as a
cooked dish.