Cleaning the water inlet filter, The dangers of freezing, Emergency emptying out

•  When no more water comes out, unscrew the pump
cover and remove it. Always keep a cloth nearby to
dry up spillage of water when removing the cover.
Remove any objects from the pump impeller by
rotating it.
• Put the cap back on the emergency emptying hose and
place the latter back in its seat.
•  Screw the pump cover fully in.
• Close the pump door.
When the appliance is in use and depending on the
programme selected there can be hot water in the pump.
Never remove the pump cover during a wash cycle,
always wait until the appliance has finished the cycle,
and is empty. When replacing the cover, ensure it is
securely retightened so as to stop leaks and young
children being able to remove it.
Cleaning the water inlet filter
If your water is very hard or contains traces of lime
deposit, the water inlet filter may become clogged.
It is therefore a good idea to clean it from time to time.
Turn off the water tap. Unscrew the water inlet hose. 
Clean the filter using a hard bristle brush.
Tighten up the inlet hose.
The dangers of freezing
If the machine is exposed to temperatures below 0°C,
certain precautions should be taken.
Turn off the water tap.
Unscrew the inlet hose.
Place the end of the emergency emptying hose and
that of the inlet hose in a bowl placed on the floor
and let water drain out.
Screw the water inlet hose back on and reposition
the emergency emptying hose after having put the
cap on again.
When you intend to start the machine up again,
make sure that the room temperature is above 0°C.
Every time you drain the water through the emergency
emptying hose you must pour 2 litres of water into the
main wash compartment of the detergent drawer and
then run the drain programme. This will activate the
ECO valve avoiding that part of the detergent remains
unused at next washing.
Emergency emptying out
If the water is not discharged, proceed as follows to
empty the machine:
• pull out the plug from the power socket; 
• close the water tap; 
• if necessary, wait until the water has cooled down;
• open the pump door;
• place a bowl on the floor and place the end of the
emergency emptying hose into the bowl. Remove its
cap. The water should drain by gravity into the bowl.
When the bowl is full, put the cap back on the hose.
Empty the bowl. Repeat the procedure until water
stops flowing out;
• clean the pump if necessary as previously described;
• replace the emergency emptying hose in its seat after
having plugged it;
• screw the pump cover again and close the door.
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