Mounting the hood body
•  Before attaching the hood body, tighten the two screws 
Vr  located on the hood body mounting points.
•  Hook the hood body onto the screws 12a
•  Fully tighten support screws 12a
• Adjust screws Vr to level the hood body.
Extraction (Ducted)
The cooker hood is more effective when installed in the 
extraction mode (ducted to the outside).
Venting kits may be purchased through your retailer or DIY 
store, and must be evacuated through an outside vent of 
ø125 (5ins) or ø150mm (6ins).
The ducting used must be manufactured from fire 
retardent material conforming to the relevant British 
Standard or DIN 4102-B1.
When the cooker hood is ducted to the outside the 
charcoal fi lter must be removed.
Fitting the Ducting
•  Fit the ø150mm (6ins) ducting to the spigot on top of 
the hood body as illustrated.
•  When using ø125mm (5ins) ducting fi t item 9 and 
10 on to the spigot on the top of the hood body as 
•  For the best performance use the shortest possible run of ducting and we recommend the use of rigid pipe in 
preference to fl exible hose as this will improve the fl ow of air while reducing turbulence, which causes causes 
noise and a loss of performance.
•  If the room where the cooker hood is to be used contains a fuel burning appliance such as a central heating boiler, 
then its fl ue must be be of the room sealed or balanced fl ue type.
•  If other types of fl ue or appliances are fi tted ensure that there is an adequate supply of air to the room.
•  The cooker ducting when fi tted in the evacuation mode must never be connected to central heating fl ues, 
radiators or water heaters.
Recirculation version Air Outlet
• Put connection 15  into the connection support 7.3.
•  Insert the connection extension pieces laterally 14.1 
in connection 15.
•  Make sure that the outlet of the extension pieces 
14.1 is horizontally and vertically aligned with the 
chimney outlets. 
•  Connect the air outlet connection 15 to the hood body 
outlet using either a fl exible or rigid pipe   ø 150 or 
120 mm, the choice of which is left to the installer.
•  Ensure that the activated charcoal fi lters have been