Water inlet, Water drainage

Water inlet
Connect the hose to a tap with a 3/4” thread. 
Do not use already employed hoses.
Always use the hose supplied with the appliance to
connect to the water supply.
Installation should comply with local water authority
and building regulations’ requirements.
The appliance must be connected to a cold water
A minimum water pressure of 0.05 MPa (0.5 bar) is
required for safe operation of the appliance.
If you cannot make the cold water connection direct
from the rising mains, you may be able to operate the
appliance from your cold water storage system.
There should be a minimum distance of 5.02m 
(16.5 ft) between the appliance’s inlet and the bottom of
the water storage tank.
Set the hose correctly by loosening the ring nut. After
positioning the inlet hose, be sure to tighten the ring nut
again to prevent leaks.
Water drainage
This appliance is designed to be permanently plumbed
into your home's drainage system using one of the
following methods.
1. Into a drainage standpipe.
Firstly form a hook in the end of the drain hose using
the “U” piece” supplied.
Place the drain hose into your standpipe, which should
have an internal diameter of approximately 38mm thus
ensuring there is an air break between the drain hose
and standpipe.
When discharging into a standpipe ensure that the top of
the standpipe is no more than 90cm (35.4'') and no less
than 60cm (23.6'') above floor level.
The drain hose may be extended to a maximum of 4
metres. An additional drain hose and joining piece is
available from your local Service Force Centre. 
The joining piece must have an internal diameter of
If your drain hose looks like this (see below) you do not
require the “U” piece”. Just push the hose firmly into
the standpipe.
3 pin
 60 cm (23.6”)
 90 cm (35.4”)
30 cm (12")
38 mm (11.2”)
“U” piece