2 short warning tones, contin-
uously repeated, can be heard,
in the display: DRAIN 
(Rinse water has collected in 
the dishwasher's interior con-
The spigot is blocked.
Clean the spigot.
Water drain hose has not been cor-
rectly positioned.
Check the position of the hose.
3 short warning tones, contin-
uously repeated, can be heard,
in the display: SERVICE CODE
The anti-flood system has been trig-
First turn off the water tap, then 
switch off the appliance and contact 
the Customer Care department.
1 long warning tone can be 
in the display: SPRAYARM 
The upper basket spray arm is 
Open the door carefully . 
Hot steam may escape when the 
door is opened. There is a risk of 
scalding. Arrange the dishes and cut-
lery in the baskets so that the spray 
arm above them can rotate freely. 
Close the dishwasher door.
Appliance is switched on, but 
does not react to the buttons 
being pressed.
Button lock is activated.
Deactivate button lock; see section 
“Button lock”.
in the display: PLEASE CLOSE 
The door of the dishwasher is open.
Close the dishwasher door.
The cycle is not starting.
The mains plug is not plugged in.
Connect the plug to a mains socket.
A fuse in the house’s wiring system 
is defective.
Replace fuse.
For dishwasher models with a delay 
start timer:
A start time has been selected.
If the dishes are to be washed imme-
diately, cancel the delay start.
Rust spots are visible in the 
dishwashing compartment.
The dishwashing compartment is 
made from stainless steel. Rust 
spots in the washing compartment 
are due to rust particles from exter-
nal sources (rust particles from water 
pipes, pans, cutlery, etc.). Remove 
such spots with a commercially 
available cleaning product for stain-
less steel.
Only wash cutlery, dishes and pans 
that are suitable for dishwasher use.
A whistling noise can be heard 
when washing dishes.
The whistling is not a cause for con-
Decalcify appliance with commercial-
ly available agents for cleaning dish-
washers. If the noises can still be 
heard after decalcifying the machine, 
use a different brand of detergent for 
washing cutlery and dishes.
The dishwasher interior light 
does not come on.
The mains plug is not
plugged in.
Connect the plug to a mains socket.
The bulb in the interior light is faulty.
Contact the Customer Care Depart-
Possible cause