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The door will not open
Possible causes
The water level is above the bottom edge of the door.
The machine is heating the water.
The drum is turning.
Spinning starts late or the machine
does not spin
The electronic unbalance detection device has cut in because the
laundry is not  evenly distributed  in the drum. The laundry is
redistributed by reverse rotation of the drum. This may happen several
times before the unbalance disappears and normal spinning can resume.
If, after 10 minutes, the laundry is still not evenly distributed in the
drum, the machine will not spin. In this case, redistribute the load
manually and select the spin programme.
The machine makes an unusual
The machine is fitted with a type of motor which makes an unusual
noise compared with other traditional motors. This new motor ensures
a softer start and more even distribution of the laundry in the drum
when spinning, as well as increased stability of the machine.
No water is visible in the drum
Machines based on modern technology operate very economically
using very little water  without affecting performance.
Service & Spare Parts 
In the event of your appliance requiring service, or if
you wish to purchase spare parts, please contact your
local Service Force Centre by telephoning:
0870 5 929929
Your telephone call will be automatically routed to the
Service Force Centre covering your post code area.
For the address of your local Service Force Centre and
further information about Service Force, please visit the
website at
For Customer Service in Ireland please contact us at the
address below:
Zanussi Electrolux
Electrolux Group (Irl) Ltd
Long Mile Road
Dublin 12
Republic of Ireland
Tel: +353 (0)1 4090751
Before calling out an engineer, please ensure you have
read the details under the heading “Something Not
When you contact the Service Force Centre you will
need to give the following details:
1. Your name, address and post code
2. Your telephone number
3. Clear and concise details of fault
4. The model and serial number of the appliance (found
on the rating plate - see picture)
5. The purchase date.
Please note that a valid purchase receipt or guarantee
documentation is required for in-guarantee service
Mod. ..........
Prod. No. ...........
Ser. No. .........
d. ..........
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o. ...........
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P0042 BD
The machine vibrates when spinning
The internal packing has not been removed.
The machine is in contact with the wall or furniture.
The machine is not level and stable (check diagonally).
The washing load is badly distributed in the drum.
Maybe there is very little laundry in the drum.
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