Standard time
20 min.
15 min.
Micro - 40 min. 
Micro - 15 min.
Grill - 15 min.
Micro - 40 min.
Grill - 15 min
Cooking mode
Microwave 900 W cooking
Grill cooking
Dual 1
Dual 2
(900 W microwave power)
Dual 2
(630 W microwave power)
IMPORTANT: If the display shows nothing even if the power plug is properly connected, the energy save mode
is on. To release it, open and then close the oven door. See page 9.
2. After GRILL, DUAL, CONVECTION, AUTO COOK, AUTO COOK FROM FROZEN, the cooling fan will run
and “NOW COOLING” may appear on the display. Also, when you press the STOP button and open the door
during these cooking modes, the cooling fan will run; you may, therefore, feel air blowing from the ventilation
1. If you cook the food over the standard time with only 900 W, the power of the oven will lower automatically
to avoid overheating. (The microwave power level will be reduced).
... the microwave appliance is not
working properly?
... the microwave mode is not working?
... the turntable is not turning?
... the microwave will not switch off?
... the interior light is not working?
... the food is taking longer to heat
through and cook than before?
Check that
- the fuses in the fuse box are working,
- there has not been a power outage.
- If the fuses continue to blow, please contact an
authorised Service Force Centre.
Check that
- the door is properly closed,
- the door seals and their surfaces are clean,
- the START-button has been pressed.
Check that
- the turntable support is correctly connected to the
- the ovenware does not extend beyond the
- food does not extend beyond the edge of the
turntable preventing it from rotating.
- there is nothing in the well beneath the turntable.
- Isolate the appliance from the fuse box.
- Call your local Service Force Centre.
- Call your local Service Force Centre. The interior
light bulb can be exchanged only by a trained
Service Force technician.
- Set a longer cooking time (double quantity =
nearly double time) or
- if the food is colder than usual, rotate or turn from
time to time or
- set a higher power setting.
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