Handling the appliance

Handling the appliance
Switch and indicator set
The following component can be found under a cover
in the top frame:
A. Thermostat knob of the appliance
It is for setting the temperature in the appliance.
Putting it into use
Place the accessories into the appliance then plug to
the mains socket.
The thermostat knob is under a cover in the top
frame.You can switch the appliance on and set the
temperature with it by turning the knob clockwise. 
The next paragraph will give instructions for setting.
Controlling the temperature, setting
The thermostat interrupts the operation of the
appliance automatically for more or less time
depending on the setting then restarts it assuring the
required temperature.
The closer it is set to „Max.” position the more
intensive the refrigerating will be. When the thermostat
knob is set to „Medium” position (between „Min.” and
„Max.”), in the freezing compartment -18 °C, in the
fresh food compartment +5 °C can be reached.
Setting it to „Medium” position is adequate for
everyday use.
The temperature coming about in the refrigerator is
effected by not only the position of the thermostat but
the ambient temperature, frequency of door openings
and the quantity of food put into it newly, etc.
In the maximum „Max.” position - in case of
increased demand e.g. during heatwaves - the
compressor may operate continually. This does not
cause damages to the appliance.