control knobs
Some models are provided with push-pull control knobs
(Fig. 1). These knobs can be completely sunken inside
the control panel when the oven is not working.
Oven Function Control Knob
The oven is off
Oven light - The oven light will be on without
any cooking function
Inner grill element only - Can be used for
g small quantities
Full Grill - The full grill element will be on.
Recommended for large quantities.
Thermal Grilling - This function offers an al-
ternative method of cooking food items,
normally associated with conventional grilling.
The grill element and the oven fan operate
together, circulating hot air around the food.
When using the thermal grill cooking
function, select a maximum temperature
of 200°C.
Fan cooking - This allows you to roast or roast
and bake simoultaneously using any shelf,
without flavour transference
Defrost Setting - This setting is intended to
assist in thawing of frozen food.
Thermostat Control Knob (°C)
Turn the thermostat control knob clockwise to select
temperatures between 50°C and 230°C (MAX).
Thermostat Control Light
The thermostat control light will come on when  the
thermostat control knob is turned. The light will remain on
until the correct temperature is reached. It will then cycle
on and off to show the temperature is being maintained.
Mains on Light
The mains on light will come on when the oven function
control knob is set.
The Safety Thermostat
This oven is provided with a safety thermostat. In case of
malfunctioning of the main thermostat, and consequential
over-heating, the safety device will stop the power supply
to the appliance. If this happens, call your local Service
Force Centre. Under no circumstances should you
attempt to repair the appliance yourself.
Fig. 1
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