Replacing the oven light bulb, For your safety

If the ignition system doesn't work there may be a fault with the electrical
supply. First, check the socket by trying out another piece of electrical
equipment in it, if that works correctly renew the fuse in the plug.
If the fuse keeps failing there is a fault in the appliance which must
be put right. Do not use a fuse with a rating  higher than 3 amps. Do not
carry out other electrical work. Unplug the appliance and tell your
Replacing the oven light bulb
You need a 25 Watt small Edison screw with a temperature rating of
Make sure the oven is cool before you replace a bulb.
Unplug the appliance.
Open the oven door and remove 
the oven shelves.
Place palm of hand at top of lens
flat against oven side. Use fingers to
lever lens away from housing.
Unscrew the bulb by turning it to
the left.
Fit a new bulb and then replace the
glass bulb cover.
Replace the oven shelves.
Plug the appliance back into the
electricity supply.
The oven light bulb is not covered by the manufacturers guarantee.
Z C G   7 5 5 1  / 7 5 5 0
For your safety
Do not try to disconnect the appliance from the gas supply if the
supply pipe does not have a bayonet connection, as described in
the installation instructions. If this is the case contact the person
who installed the appliance.
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