Maintenance and cleaning

Clean the external surfaces of the machine and control panel
with a damp soft cloth. If necessary use only neutral
detergents. Never use abrasive products, scouring pads or
solvent (acetone, trichloroethylene etc....). 
Ensure that the seals around the door, the detergent and rinse
aid dispensers are cleaned regularly with a damp cloth.
We recommend the use of Finish Dishwasher Cleaner every
3 months or run a 65°C wash programme without dishes using
Regular use of Finish Dishwasher Cleaner cleans
inaccessible parts, eliminates unpleasant food odours and
helps prevent the build-up of limescale.
Cleaning the filters
The filters must be checked and cleaned from time to time.
Dirty filters will degrade the washing result.
1. Open the door, remove the lower basket.
2. The dishwasher filter system comprises a coarse filter (A), 
a microfilter (B) and a flat filter (C). 
Unlock the filter system using the handle on the microfilter, 
and remove.
3. Turn the handle about 
a turn anticlockwise and remove.
4. Take hold of the coarse filter (A) by the handle with the hole 
and remove from the microfilter (B).
5. Clean all filters thoroughly under running water.
6. Remove the flat filter (C) from the base of the washing 
compartment and clean both faces thoroughly.
7. Put the flat filter (C) back in the base of the washing 
8. Place the coarse filter (A) in the microfilter (B) and 
press together.
9. Put the filter combination in place and lock by turning the 
handle clockwise to the stop. During this process ensure 
that the flat filter does not protrude above the base of the 
washing compartment.
Under no circumstances may the dishwasher be used without
Incorrect repositioning and fitting of the filters will produce
poor washing results.
NEVER try to remove the
upper spray arm.
If residues of soil have
clogged the holes in the
upper spray arm, remove
them with a toothpick.
Prolonged periods of non-operation 
If you are not using the machine for any period of time you are
advised to: 
1. Unplug the appliance and then turn off the water. 
2. Leave the door ajar to prevent the formation of any 
unpleasant smells. 
3. Leave the inside of the machine clean. 
Frost precautions 
Avoid placing the machine in a location where the temperature
is below 0°C. If this is unavoidable, empty the machine, close
the appliance door, disconnect the water inlet pipe and empty
Moving the machine 
If you have to move the machine (moving house etc....): 
1. Unplug it.
2. Turn the water tap off.
3. Remove the water inlet and discharge hoses.
4. Pull the machine out together with the hoses. 
Avoid over tilting the machine during transportation. 
Maintenance and cleaning