Replace the nozzles of the oven burners

Replace the nozzles of the oven burners
Oven burner
To replace the gas oven nozzle, follow this
•  Check the table no.1 for diameter of nozzle;
•  Remove the oven removable base panel;
•  Remove the screw 1 on the oven burner
•  Remove the oven burner by pulling it
•  Replace the nozzle by means of a No 7
socket spanner;
Reassemble the parts following the same
procedure in reverse.
Before fixing of the screw 1, ensure that the
oven burner is pushed correctly to the back
Grill burner
To replace the gas grill nozzle, follow this
•  Remove the grill burner after removing the
fixing screws.
•  Replace the nozzle by means of a No 7
socket spanner;
•  Refit all parts and test.
Before fixing of the screws, ensure that the grill
burner is pushed correctly to the back panel.
Adjustment of minimum level
Oven burner
•  Light the burner knob on position maximum
and leave the oven door closed for about 10
•  Turn the knob slowly to position minimum.
•  Pull off the knob to adjust minimum flow.
•  Unscrew or screw the by-pass screw (is it
above of tap shaft) until a regular small
flame is reached.
•  For LPG screw completely the by-pass
The flame shouldn’t extinguish when closing the
oven door.
Grill burner
The grill temperature cannot be adjusted. To
obtain a lower temperature or slower cooking
time the grill pan must be lowered away from the
  After completion of any repairs,
conversion or adjustments, the statutory
safety tests must be carried out.