Indicator Lights, Basket Storage, Freezer Tray

Indicator Lights
The indicator lights are situated in the control panel.
a.) Green Indicator Light
When the appliance is switched on at the mains the
green indicator light will illuminate and remain lit
until the appliance is switched off at the mains.
b.)Red Indicator Light
A few hours after starting up the red indicator light
will go out to show that the correct temperature has
been reached for the setting chosen and will stay
out to indicate that everything is in order.
It will come on if the freezer temperature rises
unduly for instance, after opening the freezer door
or placing food inside the cabinet, but the light
should go out again when the temperature returns
to the correct storage level.
c.) Yellow Indicator Light - (Fast Freeze)
When fast freeze is switched on the Yellow
Indicator Light will illuminate and remain lit until fast
freeze is switched off.
d.)Fast Freeze Facility
To operate the Fast Freeze Facility slide the switch
to the right hand position.
e.) Thermostat Control
This is for setting and changing the temperature
inside the appliance.
Basket Storage
Frozen food should be stored in the two lower baskets
and the top compartment used for fast freezing.
Freezer Tray
The Freezer Tray is particularly suitable for open
freezing, for example strawberries, raspberries etc.