Something Not Working

Something Not Working
If your appliance is not operating correctly, carry out the following checks before contacting your local Service
Force Centre.
Important: If you call out an engineer to a fault listed below, or to repair a fault caused by incorrect use or ins-
tallation a charge will be made, even if the appliance is under guarantee.
Interior Light (refrigerator) 
• Appliance is not plugged in
• Plug in the appliance
does not work
• The appliance is not switched on
• Switch on the appliance
• There is no power to the appliance
• Check the main fuse box in the 
• The bulb is not fitted correctly or 
• Refit the bulb or replace with a
has fused.
new bulb
The appliance does not cool • The doors have not been closed 
• Close the doors
down sufficiently
• A door has been opened frequently
• Avoid frequent opening of the
• The temperature control knob is 
• Reset as required
not set correctly
• Food has been introduced into the 
• The appliance will cool down in
due course.
Food is freezing in the fridge • The temperature control knob 
• Reset as required
is incorrectly set
• Food is too close to ventilation 
• Reposition food, leaving a gap.
holes at the back
The motor works 
• Temperature control knob is 
• Change the setting 
continuously. incorrectly 
• The doors are not properly closed
• Close the doors
• Doors have been opened frequently • Avoid frequent opening of the doors
• Food has recently been introduced 
• The appliance will cool down in
into the appliance
due course.
• The condenser is dirty
• Clean (read the Maintenance & 
Cleaning section).
Water/condensation in the 
• Wet vegetables have been put 
• This may occur from time to time
vegetable drawer
into the box
Condensation on the 
• High humidity level in the room.
• It does not affect the performance
outside of the cabinet
of the appliance. Increase the 
room ventilation.
Doors do not close
• The appliance is not level
• Level the appliance correctly
• The doors are incorrectly aligned
• Re-align the doors
• Food is preventing the doors 
• Re-position food
• The appliance may not be level
• Level the appliance
• Something may be vibrating inside
• Check the contents and shelves 
are properly positioned.
All product lights start  
• Your product has a major fault
• Contact your local Service
flashing and the alarm sounds
Force Centre