The Key Features of Your Appliance

The Key Features of Your Appliance
• Ceramic glass cooking surface: The appliance has a ceramic 
glass cooking surface and 4 rapid response cooking zones. The par-
ticularly powerful radiant heater elements significantly shorten the 
amount of time taken for the zones to heat up.
• Cleaning: The advantage of the glass ceramic cooking surface is its 
easy cleaning. The smooth surface is easy to keep clean (see sec-
tion: “Cleaning and care”). 
• Double-ring cooking zones: The cooking surface utilises two dou-
ble-ring cooking zones. This provides the appliance with cooking 
zones of variable sizes, for instance for smaller pots, which saves en-
• Residual heat indicator: The residual heat indicator lights up if the 
cooking zone becomes so hot that there is a risk of burning. The re-
sidual heat indicator will not illuminate if there is a power cut, even if 
there is still a risk of burning..