Positioning the door shelves

If using the appliance with the salad drawer
removed, please ensure the vent in the back wall of
the appliance is not obstructed.
Positioning the door shelves
The door shelves can be easily removed for
cleaning. Gently ease the shelf in the directions
Fresh food refrigeration
To obtain the best performance, do not store warm
food or evaporating liquids in the refrigerator; cover
or wrap the food, particularly if it has a strong flavour.
Do not cover the shelves with any protective
material, such as paper, cardboard or plastic, which
may obstruct the air circulation.
To help you use your refrigerator correctly, here are
some more useful hints:
Raw meat (beef, pork, lamb & poultry): wrap in
polythene bags and place on the glass shelf above
the salad drawers.
Meat can only be stored safely in this way for
one or two days at the most.
Fruit & vegetables: these should be thoroughly
cleaned and placed in the salad drawers.
Butter & cheese: these should be placed in special
airtight containers or wrapped in aluminium foil or
polythene bags to exclude as much air as possible.
Milk bottles: these should have a cap and should be
stored in the bottle rack on the door.
Positioning the inner shelves
The walls of the refrigerator have runners so that
shelves can be positioned as desired.
Door reversal directions
1. Disconnect from the electricity supply.
2. Remove all loose items, including food, store food
in a cool place.
3. Gently lay the fridge/freezer on its back with the
top held away from the floor by 5-8 cm (2-3
inches) of packing.
4. Remove the feet (B).
5. Remove bottom hinge (A).
6. Remove the freezer door by releasing it from the
middle hinge (H).
7. Unscrew the middle hinge.
8. Slide out the fridge door from pin (G), unscrew
pin (G) and then screw it down into the hinge hole
provided on the opposite side, after having
removed the small plugs (I) which should then be
fitted on the opposite side.
9. Remove the plastic blanking screws from the left
hand hinge position, refit to the right hand hinge
10 Refit the fridge door and replace the middle hinge
to the left hand side.
11.Replace the door and bottom hinge (A) on the
opposite side.
12.Refit the feet (B).
After completion of the door reversing operation,
check that the door gasket adheres to the cabinet. If
the ambient temperature is cold (i.e. in Winter), the
gasket may not fit perfectly to the cabinet. In that
case, wait for the natural fitting of the gasket or
accelerate this process by heating up the part
involved with a normal hairdryer on a low setting.