Hints for test centres

Fitting under a counter
(kitchen worktop or sink)
By removing the machine’s worktop, you can install it under
a close fitting sink unit or a pre-existing top, providing the
dimensions of the recess correspond to those shown in the
Proceed as follows:
Remove the machine’s worktop by unscrewing the 
two rear retaining screws, pull from the front and 
slide out the rear slots, lifting the worktop.
Insert the machine after adjusting height and levelling with
the adjustable feet. When inserting the machine, ensure that
the water inlet and drain hoses are not kinked or squashed.
570 - 600
Hints for test centres
Before starting any test it is necessary to fill completely with salt the salt container and with rinse aid the rinse aid dispenser
Test standard:
EN 50242
Reference programme:
12 standard place settings
Rinse aid selector:
position 5 
Detergent dosage:
25 g in the dispenser
5 g on the dispenser lid
Arrangement upper basket
Arrangement lower basket
Arrangement cutlery basket