min 30 cm
max 100 cm
min 4 cm
Ø 21
Ø 18
max 100 cm
Any electrical work required to install this 
appliance should be carried out by a qualified 
electrician or competent person.
Any plumbing work required to install this 
appliance should be carried out by a qualified 
plumber or competent person.
Remove all packaging before positioning the machine.
If possible, position the machine next to a water tap and a
Good levelling is essential for correct closure and sealing of
the door. When the appliance is correctly levelled, the door
will not catch on the levelling spacers on either side of the
cabinet. If the door does not close correctly, loosen or
tighten the adjustable feet until the machine is perfectly
Water supply connections
This dishwasher must be plumbed into a cold water supply.
The water pressure must be within the limits given in the
"Technical specifications" (Instruction Book - Part 2).
Your local Water Authority will advise you on the average
mains pressure in your area.
The dishwasher features fill and drain hoses which can be
turned either to the left or the right to suit the installation.
Do not use, for connection, old hoses which have been used
in another appliance.
The locknut must be correctly fitted to avoid water
Avoid bends or kinks in the hose which could prevent or
slow down the water supply.
If the machine is connected to new pipes or pipes which
have not been used for a long time, you should run the
water for a few minutes before connecting the inlet hose.
This will prevent deposits of sand or rust clogging the inlet
Water outlet hose connection
The end of the drain hose can be connected in the following
1. To the sink outlet spigot, securing it if necessary with a 
Our appliances are supplied with a with a 
security device to protect against the return of 
dirty water back into the machine.
If the spigot of your sink has a "no return valve" 
incorporated this can prevent the correct 
draining of your dishwasher. We advise you 
therefore to remove it.
2. Hooked over the edge of the sink using the special 
curved plastic guide (if provided).
3. To a stand pipe provided with vent-hole, minimum 
internal diameter 4 cm.