Safety Instructions

ZM 24ST   
Safety Instructions
• The built-in safety interlock switches pre-
vent the microwave oven from operating
when the door is open.
• Do not tamper with them, nor attempt to
operate the oven with the door open, as
open door operation can result in exposu-
re to microwave energy.
• Do not allow food spills or cleaner residue
to accu-mulate on door sealing surfaces.
See the Cleaning and Care section for cle-
aning instructions.
• It is particularly important that the oven door clo-
ses properly and that there is no damage to the:
(1) door (warped), (2) hinges and latches
(broken or insecure), (3) door seals and sea-
ling surface.
If the door, hinges/latches or door seals
are damaged, the appliance must not
be operated until it has been repaired
by an authorized service engineer.
It is hazardous for anyone except
factory trained service personnel to
service or make adjustments to this
oven. Contact your local Zanussi
Service Force Centre if service
should be required.
• Do not remove the outer case, door or
control panel at any time. Doing so may
cause exposure to extremely high voltage.
• Install or locate this oven only in accor-
dance with ‘installation instructions’ found
in this manual.
• Use the appliance for its intended use as
described in this manual. Do not use cor-
rosive chemicals in this appliance. This
type of oven is specifically designed to
heat, cook, or defrost food. It is not desig-
ned for industrial, laboratory, nor com-
mercial use, as this will invalidate the
• Do not operate the oven empty. If food or
water is not present to absorb the
microwave energy, the magnetron tube
can be damaged.
• Do not store this appliance outdoors. Do
not use this product near water.
• Do not attempt to dry clothing or newspa-
pers in the microwave oven. These items
can ignite.
• In order to evacuate moisture, your appli-
ance is fitted with a delayed ventilation
function. Depending on the applied coo-
king mode (solo / grill / combination), the
oven ventilation will continue to operate
after the cooking end. It switches off auto-
matically after 3 minutes.
• Do not use the cavity for storage purposes.
Do not leave paper products, cooking uten-
sils, or food in the cavity when not in use.
If smoke is observed, switch off or
unplug the appliance and keep the
door closed in order to stifle any fla-
mes. Never use water.
Do not allow children to use the
microwave without supervision until
adequate instructions have been
given so that the child is able to
safely operate the microwave and
understands the hazards of impro-
per use.