How to operate your microwave oven

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How to operate your microwave oven
Microwave cooking
This basic microwave cooking method
allows you to cook food for a desired time.
In addition to the maximum power level, you
can select 9 different microwave power
levels, between 80W and 900W.
Foods with high moisture content should be
cooked on maximum power, as this is the
fastest cooking method and best maintains
the natural flavour and texture of the foods.
Example: To cook at 900W for 1 min 15 s:
1. Set the required microwave power by 
turning the Power control knob.
The time of day disappears from the dis-
play and the selected microwave power 
Turn to the left = lower power
Turn to the right = higher power
2. Set the required cooking time by turning
the Timer knob. The chosen time appears
in the display.
3. Press the Start button.
The selected time starts to count down.
Cooking time can be set as follows:
from 0 to 2 min. in 5 second steps
from 2 to 5 min. in 10 second steps
from 5 to 10 min. in 20 second steps
from 10 to 20 min. in 30 second steps
starting from 21 min. in 1-min. steps
Maximum programme length is 60 minutes.
Metal items must be kept at least 2 cm from the oven sides and the oven door.
0 11 :: 11 4
0 11 :: 11 5
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