Starting your appliance

Starting your appliance
Insert the plug into the wall socket. The appliance
can be activated/deactivated by pressing the
ON/OFF button.When the pilot light 
is illuminated
this shows that the appliance is on.
Temperature control
The temperature within the freezer is controlled by
the thermostat 
situated at the bottom of the cabi-
net .
To operate the freezer proceed as follows:
Turn the thermostat control beyond the «O» posi-
When you first start the freezer, we suggest that you
turn the thermostat control to a medium setting. For
easier turning of this control, use a small coin.
The internal temperature of the freezer is automati-
cally adjusted by the thermostat to ensure safe food
storage. However, if the appliance is working in
unfavourable room conditions such as high tempera-
ture and frequent door openings, it may be neces-
sary to select a more suitable setting.
To obtain a lower temperature, turn the thermostat
towards high numbers; to obtain a higher tempera-
ture turn the control towards low numbers.
Warning light (red)
If the temperature warning light 
lights up, it indi-
cates that the temperature within the freezer has
reached a level where the safe food storage is no
longer ensured.
When the freezer is first switched on, the warning
light will stay on until the temperature has dropped
to a safe level for the storage of frozen food.
Temperature acoustic alarm
This appliance incorporates an alarm which gives off
an audible signal whenever the warning light comes
on. This signal can be temporarily stopped by
depressing the push button for fast-freezing 
The fast-freezing push button can be released as
soon as the warning light is off.
Open door acoustic alarm
This appliance also incorporates an alarm which
sounds if the door is left open for more than 60 sec-
onds. You can switch off the signal closing the door.
Freezing fresh food
In any 24 hour period you can freeze up to 18 kg of
fresh food.
Activate fast freeze by depressing the fast-freeze
24 hours before you want to freeze your
fresh food, the yellow light 
illuminates. This time
can be shortened, depending on the quantity of food
to be frozen. After the time has elapsed place the
food to be frozen in the two top compartments of the
freezer as this is the coldest part; if freezing only a
small amount of food, always use the top compart-
Once the food is completely frozen (which could
take up to 24 hours) press the fast freeze switch to
deactivate the fast freeze mode; the yellow light 
goes off.
Distribute the frozen food packages in the other
compartments, so that the top compartments can be
used for a further freezing operation.
Only freeze top quality, fresh and thoroughly cleaned
Do not allow fresh food to touch food which is
already frozen.
During the freezing process, ensure that the freezer
door remains closed.
Frozen food storage
When you first start the freezer or if the freezer has
been out of use for some time, we advise you to run
your appliance for at least two hours in the «fast
freeze» mode before storing frozen food.
To obtain the best performance from this appliance,
we strongly recommend that you make sure that the
commercially frozen foodstuffs were adequately
stored by the retailer and, furthermore, be sure that
these frozen foodstuffs are transferred from the
foodstore to the consumer in the shortest possible
time (a temperature increase of the frozen food
could shorten its storage period).
It is also advisable not to exceed the storage period
indicated by the producer of the food.
Finally, do not open the door frequently or leave it
open longer than is absolutely necessary.
Do not put carbonated liquids, (fizzy drinks
etc.), in the freezer compartment.
Water ices, if consumed immediately after
removal from the freezer, can possibly result
in a low temperature skin burn.
Do not remove items from the freezer if your
hands are damp/wet, as this could cause skin
abrasions or "frost/freezer burns".
If there is a power failure during the storage of
frozen food, do not open the door during the
whole time of the power failure. If the freezer
is fully loaded, the frozen food will not be
affected if the power cut is of short duration;
otherwise, it is recommended to consume the
food within a very short time.