Problem, Check, Z C G I D, What is wrong and why

Having difficulty cleaning any part of the cooker.
Check that the instructions for care and cleaning, beginning on page
28 are being followed.
The oven light will not work.
If the light does not work you probably need to replace the bulb. To
do this see instructions on page 37. 
Check there is not a fault with the electrical supply. Check this by
pressing the ignition button. If you cannot hear sparking there is
probably a fault. 
First, check the socket by trying out another electrical appliance in it,
if that works renew the fuse in the plug. Use a 3 amp fuse. If the fuse
'blows' again this indicates that there is a fault on the cooker. Do not
use a fuse with a higher rating than 3 amps. Do not carry out further
electrical work. Unplug the cooker and inform your installer.
IMPORTANT:  If you call out an engineer to a possible fault listed here,
or to repair a fault caused by incorrect use or installation a charge will be
made, even if the appliance is in guarantee.
Z C G   I D 
What is wrong and why?