General information, Moving your cooker, Connecting to the electricity supply, For your safety

General information
Moving your cooker
You may damage some soft or badly fitted floor coverings when you
move the cooker. The floor covering under the cooker should be
securely fixed so it does not ruck up when you move the cooker across
it. Alternatively you could remove the floor covering.
To move the cooker open the second oven door. Raise the cooker
off its front feet by lifting it from inside the oven. Pull the cooker forward.
When you replace the cooker push it back to the stop and make sure
there is the same gap at each rear corner.
Connecting to the electricity supply
The plug supplied with the cooker can be fitted directly to a suitable
three pin earthed socket.
If you have to change the fuse replace it with a 3 amp fuse which has
been ASTA approved to BS 1362.
Do not use the plug until you have put the fuse cover back on. If the
fuse cover is lost you can get a replacement from an electrical retailer.
The correct replacement can be identified by marking or colour coding.
If you cut the plug off dispose of it safely as it will be a shock hazard
if it is inserted into a 13 amp socket elsewhere in the house.
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General informatio
For your safety
Do not try to disconnect the cooker from the gas supply if the supply
pipe does not have a bayonet connection, as described in the
installation instructions. If this is the case contact the person who
installed the cooker.
For your safety
This cooker must be earthed and protected by a 3 amp fuse.
For your safety
Do not block any of the cooker vents.
Never line any part of the cooker with aluminium foil.
Don't let items which can catch fire or electric mains leads such
as kettle flexes trail over any part of the cooker.