Baking trays and dishes, For your safety

Most second oven cooking should be
carried out using the shelf provided in shelf
position 2.  However when cooking a small
joint or a deep cake you can use the shelf on
the base of the second oven to allow enough
air to circulate around the food.
For safety the shelves will only pull out so far. If you want to remove
a shelf completely, pull it forward as far as it will go, raise the front edge
and lift it out. To put the shelf into a different position, keep the front
edge raised, slot the shelf on to the runner, lower the front edge and
slide the shelf in.
Baking trays and dishes
Leave  a  gap  of 13mm  (½")  between all
dishes and  the sides of  the oven  so  the
heat can circulate properly.
Do not  push dishes too far back as food   
will burn if it overhangs the burner flames.
For the best results from the main oven we recommend that you use a
baking tray which is 310mm (12") square. If you use a tray or tin which is
larger than this, you may need to turn it around during cooking. 
The size of tray which should be used in the second oven should not
be bigger than 310mm x 230mm (12" x 9"). Place the longest side
parallel with the door.
 Place single dishes on the centre of the shelf. You may need to turn
large items around during cooking. Turn all food round in the second
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Leave a gap of 13mm (½") between all
dishes and the sides of the oven so the
heat can circulate properly.
 Do not push dishes too far back as food
will burn if it overhangs the burner flames.
The ovens
For your safety
Never place cooking dishes, trays and so
on over the oven burners. This will
damage the cooker as well as the
cookware and possibly the floor covering
underneath the cooker.
Shelf on base