How to set the Time of Day


How to set the Time of Day
The oven has a 24 hour clock.
When the oven is first connected to the electrical
supply, the display will automatically show 12:00.
If no button is pressed within 10 seconds, the
numbers will stop flashing and the clock will start
running from 12.00.
To set the correct time of day :
If numbers are flashing:
press button 
. When the correct
time is displayed, confirm the setting by
pressing button 
 . The clock will start
If numbers are static:
press buttons 
 at the same time
and keep them pressed until the numbers
start flashing. Release buttons 
then adjust the time by pressing buttons 
 and confirm by pressing button 

"On/Off" Push Button
The oven must be switched on before setting any
cooking function or programme. When button 
pressed, the pilot light above will come on, and the
oven light will switch on.
To switch off the oven, you can press button 
any time. Any cooking function or programme will
stop, the oven light will switch off and the time display
will show the time of day only.
Oven Function Control Push Button
Push button 
 allows you to select the ccoking
function. Each time you push this button, a pilot light
will come on in the Oven Function Display, showing
what cooking function has been chosen.
Increase and Decrease Push Buttons
Push buttons 
 allow you to increase or
decrease temperature or time settings.
When button 
 is pressed, the display will
show the current internal temperature if the
oven has not completely cooled down.