Door Reversal

Ventilation Requirements
The appliance must have adequate ventilation to
ensure correct operation.
Diagram shows the ventilation requirements when
A* Under a worktop, or cupboard.
* The clearance space of 10 cm above the appliance
may be reduced to 5 cm providing a clearance
space 2.5 cm is left on either side of the appliance.
B When freestanding
Door Reversal
If required the opening direction of the door can be
changed as follows:
To reverse the bottom hinge assembly proceed as
Disconnect the appliance from the electricity
Remove the top hinge cover.
Unscrew the 2 retaining screws, and remove the
hinge from the appliance.
Take the door off.
Unscrew the lower hinge retaining screws, and
remove the hinge according to the diagram.
Fit the lower hinge on the opposite side.
Fix the door onto the lower hinge pin.
To fit top door hinge, remove the plastic blanking
plugs carefully, and refit them in the holes left by the
hinge retaining screws.
Refit the top hinge using the 2 retaining screws,
taking care that the edge of the door is parallel with
side of the cabinet.
Replace the hinge cover.
Remove screw covers (if fitted) and handle retaining
screws. Remove blanking plugs on the opposite
Relocate the handle to the opposite side and refit
retaining screws (covers if fitted), and replace the
blanking plugs.