Oven lamp replacement

Oven Cavity
The enamelled oven cavity is best cleaned whilst the
oven is still warm.
Wipe the oven over with a soft cloth soaked in warm
soapy water after each use. From time to time it will
be necessary to do a more thorough cleaning, using a
proprietary oven cleaner.
If the soilage has become set, after the oven has
cooled down, the following process will help to
soften the splatters to help make cleaning easier.
1. Place the grill/ meat pan on the oven shelf
positioned in the lowest runner.
2. Add a few drops of washing-up liquid to the
pan and fill to about 12 mm. with boiling
water from the kettle.
3. Close the oven door, turn the oven function
knob on fan oven 
 and set the thermostat
knob on 50
4. After 15 minutes, turn off the thermostat
and allow the fan oven to continue without
heat for a further 5 minutes, when the
temperature of the water will have cooled
5. Carefully remove the pan of water from the
oven and use normal oven cleaners to clean
away soil residues.
6. Leave a little of the soapy water to soak into
any burned on spillage on the floor of the
oven for a longer time if necessary.
Oven Shelves
To clean the oven shelves, soak in warm soapy water
and remove stubborn marks with a  well wetted soap
impregnated pad. Rinse well and dry with a soft

FO 0424
Oven lamp replacement
Disconnect the appliance.
Unscrew the lamp and substitute it with another
suitable for higher temperature (300
C) having the
following characteristics:
230-240V  (50Hz)