Control Panel
A. Mains On button
B. Thermostat Control
C. Red temperature alarm indicator light
D. Fast freeze button
Before using
Remove all securing tapes. Wash inside the
appliance with lukewarm water and bicarbonate of
soda (5 ml to 0.5 litre of water). 
Do not use soap or detergent as the smell may
linger. Dry thoroughly.
This 4-star freezer is suitable for the storage of
commercially frozen food marked with 2 - 4 stars. 
The normal operating temperature of-18¡C is
suitable for long term storage of frozen food. Pre-
packaged, commercially frozen food is normally
suitable for storage of up to 3 months, unless
otherwise stated by the manufacturer. This appliance
is also suitable for freezing fresh food.
The top basket should be used to freeze fresh food.
The control panel
The control panel is situated at the base of the
appliance, and can be seen under the door.
A. Mains On button
The green mains on button is illuminated
continuously, to show that the appliance is on.
B. Thermostat Control
Turn the thermostat control knob clockwise to the
required setting, which is normally between 3-4.
C. Red temperature alarm indicator light
The red temperature alarm light will come on as
soon as the freezer is plugged in, or when it has
been filled with fresh food until it reaches the correct
temperature. This light will come on when the
temperature rises above normal in the cabinet.
D. Fast freeze button
When you place fresh food in the appliance, press
the fast freeze button; the length of time needed to
leave the appliance on fast freeze depends on the
weight of food.
Before the appliance is installed into the recess plug
into the mains and switch on. Check that the mains
on light comes on and the control dial is correctly
set. (See ÒThe controlsÓ) .You will hear the
compressor start up.
Temperature control
The temperature within the freezer is controlled by
the thermostat situated at the top of the cabinet.
To operate the freezer proceed as follows:
Turn the thermostat control beyond the ÇOÈ position.
When you first start the freezer, we suggest that you
turn the thermostat control to a medium setting,
between 3 and 4. For easier turning of this control,
use a small coin.The internal temperature of the
freezer is automatically adjusted by the thermostat to
ensure safe food storage. 
However, if the appliance is working in unfavourable
room conditions such as
- poor 
high temperature, 
frequent door openings, 
it may be necessary to select a more suitable
To obtain a lower temperature, turn the thermostat
control to the higher number; to obtain a higher
temperature turn the control to the lower number.