Water inlet, Water drainage

Water inlet
The inlets on the back of the appliance are colour coded,
blue for cold and red for hot.
Before connecting the hoses be sure to fit the mesh
filters «A» supplied as per diagram.
If only a cold water supply is available, connect the two
hoses to a cold water outlet by means of a «Y»
connection piece.
Installation should comply with local water authority
and building regulations’ requirements.
The appliance must be given a separate cold water
supply and not be connected to a mixer tap, a single
outlet water heater or a booster pump. A minimum
water pressure of 0.48 bar is required for safe operation
of the appliance.
If you cannot make the cold water connection direct
from the rising mains, you may be able to operate the
appliance from your cold water storage system.
There should be a minimum distance of 5.02m 
(161/2 ft) between the appliance’s inlet and the bottom
of the water storage tank.
There will be sufficient pressure for the hot water
supply, providing there is a minimun height of 2.74
metres  (9 ft) between the bottom of the cold water
storage tank and the bottom of the hot water cylinder.
Set the hoses correctly by loosening the ring nuts. After
positioning the inlet hoses, be sure to tighten the ring
nuts again to prevent leaks.
Water drainage
This appliance is designed to be permanently plumbed
into your home's water supply and drainage system.
The appliance drain hose should hook into a standpipe,
the hook in the drain hose is formed using the plastic
“U-Piece” supplied.
The standpipe should have an internal diameter of
approximately 38mm (see diagram) thus ensuring there
is an air break between the drain hose and standpipe.
When discharging into a standpipe ensure that the top of
the curve in the hose end is no more than 90cm (35.4'')
and no less than 60cm (23.6'') above floor level. The
upright standpipe should have a minimum length of
30cm (12'') from the bottom of the elbow to the top of
the pipe (see diagram).
Make sure that it is designed in such a way, that the end
of the drain hose cannot be covered with water.
3 pin
 90 cm.(35.4")
Min.60 cm.
 30 cm.(12")
38 mm.(1/ ") diameter