Record the model, product and serial numbers on the
back cover of this instruction book, from the rating
plate. This is situated on the lower front frame of the
appliance and can be seen upon opening the oven
The appliance must be protected by a suitably rated
fuse or circuit breaker. The rating of the appliance is
given on the rating plate.
Do not remove the rating plate from the cooker
as this may invalidate the guarantee.
If your cooker has been damaged in transit, contact
your supplier immediately. DO NOT attempt to install
Your cooker left the factory fully packaged to protect
it from damage. If it is delivered without packaging
and damage has occurred, the manufacturer  cannot
accept responsibility. Contact your supplier for
Once the packaging has been removed the cooker
should only be moved by hand.  DO NOT use a sack
barrow or any other aid to lift the cooker as damage
may occur.
Connection to the electricity supply must be carried
out by a qualified electrician/competent person.
The electrical connection should be made using a
double pole isolating switch (cooker socket) with at
least 3mm contact separation.  The cable must have
conductors of sufficiently high cross-sectional area to
prevent overheating and deterioration.
The cable should be routed away from potentially hot
areas marked by X in the diagram below.
To move the cooker, open the main oven door and
lift the cooker by holding inside the top of the
This is a type Y appliance which means it is
free-standing and can be fitted with cabinets on one
or both sides. It may also be fitted in a corner setting.
Side walls which are above hob level should be
protected by heat resistant non-combustible material
and MUST NOT be nearer than 40mm to the hob
A nominal air gap of 2mm all around the cooker is
required to enable the cooker to be moved into
A spacer has been incorporated into the back of the
appliance to ensure an air gap of 10mm is
maintained at hotplate level. Tiles or other forms of
deep wall covering should not obscure this gap.
Six square millimetres (6.00mm²)  is the recommended
cross-section area.