Always use oven gloves to remove
and replace food in the oven. 
Ensure that you support the grill pan
when it is in the withdrawn or partially
withdrawn position.
Ensure that all vents are left
unobstructed to ensure ventilation of
the oven cavity.
Ensure that the anti-tilt shelves are
put in place correctly. Refer to
instructions on page 18 and 21.
Never line any part of the appliance
with aluminium foil.
Always stand back from the
appliance when opening the oven
door to allow any build up of steam
or heat to release.
Do not place sealed cans or
aerosols inside the oven.  They may
explode if they are heated.
Do not leave the hotplates switched
on for long periods when not covered
by a saucepan. The controls may
Ensure that all control knobs are in
the OFF position when not in use.
For hygiene and safety reasons this
appliance should be kept clean at all
times.  A build-up of fats or other
foodstuffs could result in a fire,
especially in the grill pan.
Do not leave utensils containing
foodstuffs, e.g. fat or oil in or on the
appliance in case it is inadvertently
switched ON.
Cookers and hobs become very hot,
and retain their heat for a long period
of time after  use.  Children should be
kept well away from the appliance
until it has cooled.
Under no circumstances should
repairs be carried out by
inexperienced persons as this may
cause injury or serious malfunction.
This product should be serviced by
an authorised Service Engineer and
only genuine approved spare parts
should be used. Details of servicing
and repair arrangements are given on
page 28 of this book.
Do not stand on the appliance or on
the open oven door.
Do not hang towels, dishcloths or
clothes from the appliance or its
handle.  They are a safety hazard.
Always allow the cooling fan to cool
the cooker down before switching off
at the wall prior to carrying out any
cleaning or maintenance work.
Only clean this appliance in
accordance with the instructions
given in this book.
Your safety is of paramount importance.
Therefore, if you are unsure about any of the
meanings of these WARNINGS contact the:
Customer Care Department
Telephone (01635) 521313