We strongly recommend that you carry out the
following checks on your appliance before calling a
Zanussi Service Engineer. It may be that the problem
is a simple one, which you can solve yourself without
the expense of a service call.
If our Service Engineer finds that the problem is
listed below you will be charged for the call whether
or not the appliance is under guarantee.
The cooker does not work at all:
* Check that the appliance has been wired in
and is switched on at the wall.
* Check that the main cooker fuse is working.
* Check that the timer is set to manual (see
page 11).
The grill and hotplates work but the oven does
* Check that the timer is set to manual
operation (see page 11).
The oven temperature is too high or low:
* Check that the recommended temperatures
are being used (see page 22). Be prepared
to adjust up or down by 10°C to achieve the
results you want.
The hotplates and main oven work but the grill
does not:
* Check that you have carefully followed the
instructions for operation of the grill.
* If the cooling fan fails, the grill will not
If the oven is not cooking evenly or the side
opening door will not stay open:
* Check that the cooker is level.
If the oven fan is noisy:
Check that the cooker is level.
Check that shelves and bakeware are not
vibrating in contact with the back panel in
the oven.