Please carry out the following checks on your cooker before calling a Service Engineer. It may be that
the problem is a simple one which you can solve yourself without the expense of a service call.
If our Service Engineer finds that the problem is listed below you will be charged for the call whether or
not the cooker is under guarantee.
The grill, ovens and timer do not work
Check that the cooker is switched on at the
Check that there has not been a power failure.
If the electricity supply has been interrupted or
you have switched the oven off at the wall, the
grill may have cut out before the cooling fan
has cooled the oven down. Switch the oven on
at the wall until the cooling fan has cooled it
Check that there is not a problem with your
gas supply. You can do this by making sure
that other gas appliances such as your central
heating or gas fire are working.
The Grill and Top Oven work but the Main
Oven does not
Check that the timer is set for manual
operation. See page 11. 
The Grill sparks in use
Ensure that the grill door is open when grilling.
If the grill door is closed whilst the burner is lit
it will automatically re-light when the door is
Always light the burner before placing the grill
pan and food under the grill.
 The Grill does not work
Ensure the cooling fan is running when the
grill is on. If the cooling fan fails, the grill will
not work. 
Contact your nearest Service Centre.
The timer does not work
Check that the instructions for the operation of
the timer are being closely followed.
The oven or grill burner flame is unstable /
Check that the burner flames stabilise after a
few minutes. The cooker may need to adjust
to room temperature.