Before contacting your local Zanussi Service 
Centre, check the following points:
Check that:
The appliance is plugged in.
That there is power at the socket, and that there 
is not a power cut.
If the appliance is excessively noisy, check that 
the sides are not in contact with kitchen units 
which could cause noise or vibrations and that the 
refrigerator unit pipes are not touching each 
other (if they are, ease them gently apart). Slight 
hissing noises, due to forced air circulation in the 
compartments and refrigerant circulating 
through the pipes are, however, quite normal.
If the internal light fails to come on...
check that
The bulb is properly fitted and replace it, if it has 
blown (see relevant section in instructions).
If, after the above checks, there is still a fault, call 
your nearest Zanussi Service Centre.
When calling, please make sure you give the 
appliance Model Number, Product Number and 
Serial Number. These can be found on the 
guarantee certificate or on the rating plate inside 
the appliance.