Making ice cubes, Overtemperature alarm and memory device, Defrosting the appliance

Making ice cubes
A plentiful supply of ice can be made in the two 
trays located above the ice servery. Fill the trays 3/
4 full to allow the ice to expand.
To dispense the ice, fully turn the dial as shown in 
Fig. 11.
The cubes will fall easily from the trays, into the 
servery below.
Never consume ice-cubes which have just come out 
of the freezer. Their extremely low temperature can 
cause frost burns.
Fig. 11
Overtemperature alarm and memory device
In the event of an abnormal temperature rise inside 
the freezer compartment (e.g. power cut) warning 
light (H) will start to flash.
The alarm will continue to flash even after the 
temperature has returned to normal; it is therefore 
quite possible to find that the freezer temperature 
indicator may actually be showing the normal 
storage temperature values: flashing of warning 
light (H) indicates that there has been a problem 
some time previously.
To stop it flashing press button (G).
As soon as this is done, the alarm function is reset 
and the hottest temperature reached within the 
compartment, which has been memorised by the 
device, flashes for 10 seconds on indicator (D).
After 10 seconds, indicator (D) resumes its normal 
thermometer function.
3P 19
Defrosting the appliance
Defrosting of the freezer. Superchill and 
refrigerator is automatic.
The water is discharged, via pipes, into a tray 
located at the back of the appliance, above the 
compressor, where it evaporates.
Fig. 12
3P 18