Thank you for selecting this Yamaha product.

To assure the finest performance, please read this owner's manual carefully. Keep 

it in a safe place for future reference.


Do not listen with the earphones while driving or cycling. Also avoid using them 

where hearing must not be impaired, like at a railroad crossing and a site of construction. 

Reduced ability to hear surrounding sound increases the risk of an accident.



Cautions against hearing damage

 xAvoid continuous earphones-use at high volume. It may cause hearing loss. 

Using the earphones for a long time with the device at a high volume, may 

result in hearing loss. Do not exceed 40 hours/week at 80 dB(A) or 5 hours/

week at 89 dB(A).

 xMinimize the volume from the device to be connected before connecting the plug.


For your safety

 xIn case the earphones irritate your skin, stop use immediately.

 xKeep the product out of reach of children to avoid them swallowing small parts.

 xDo not use the earphones with the earpieces detached or broken. Otherwise, 

they may cause injury or illness.

 xSecurely attach the earpieces to the earphones. If the earpieces are detached 

from the earphones and stuck in your ears, they may cause injury or illness.

 xDo not place or hold the earphones in the vicinity of a clock, magnetic card, 

or other object that can be affected by the magnetic field of the product. 

Otherwise, the data on the affected device may be destroyed.

Notes on use

 x Refer also to the manuals supplied with the devices to be connected.

 x When removing the plug from the connected device, be sure to pull out by the 

plug itself, not the cable. Bending or pulling the cable forcefully may damage it.

 x Do not disassemble the earphones. Do not use earphones that are 


 x Your ears may tingle in geographical locations where the air is very dry. This 

is not a malfunction of the earphones, but is caused by static electricity on 

your body or a connected device.

 x If the earpieces are not securely positioned in your ears, you may not hear 

the bass range clearly. To enjoy better sound quality, adjust the earpieces so 

they will fit your ears perfectly. For example, you might replace poor-fitting 

earpieces with earpieces of an appropriate size.

 x Clean the earphones with a soft dry cloth. Do not leave the plug dirty 

otherwise the sound may be distorted.

 x Do not expose the earphones to direct sunlight, dirt, heat or moisture.


Do not use the earphones at high volume in a public place. Sound leakage from 

the earphones will be a nuisance to people around you.