Depending on room conditions, the control center can be installed vertically or horizontally.
Precautions before installation
Do not touch the adhesive surface after peeling off the pad as this will weaken its adhesive strength.
Thoroughly wipe clean the surface where the pad is to be applied. Note that adhesive strength is weakened if the surface is
dusty, oily or wet.
Installing the Control Center Horizontally
Apply the four supplied bottom pads to the bottom of the control center.
Peel off the seals of the bottom pads and apply to the four indented parts (screwed parts) on the bottom
of the control center.
• Be sure to use the bottom pads when installing the control center horizontally. Otherwise, the front door of the control
center cannot open.
• Be sure to apply the bottom pads to the indented parts (screwed parts) on the bottom panel. Do not apply them to the
indented parts on the top of the control center.
Bottom panel
Bottom pad
Peel off the seal.
Apply to the indented part.