Main speakers NX-VS10M
Place the main speakers an equal distance from each side of
the TV monitor.
Placing the main speakers at almost the same height as your
listening position is more effective.
YAMAHA center speaker
NX-VS10C (sold separately)
Place the center speaker on top of the television and align
the front surface of the speaker with the front surface of the
television monitor. If the speaker cannot be placed on top of
the television, place it on a rack beneath the television as
close to the television monitor as possible.
YAMAHA rear speakers NX-VS10E
(sold separately)
Depending on room conditions, it is possible to place
YAMAHA rear speakers NX-VS10E on shelves or hang
them on the wall. Speakers should be placed about 1.5 m
above the floor when you sit on the floor, or about 1.8 m
above the floor when you sit on the chair.
YAMAHA subwoofer SW-VS10
(sold separately)
Place the subwoofer at the outside of the either right or left
main speaker and turn it slightly toward the center of the
room to reduce the wall reflections. Try altering the position
of the subwoofer versus the listening position as the relative
position will affect the way the bass sounds.
Although these main speakers are magnetically shielded,
they may still affect the color on the television monitor
when using the speakers near the television. Adjust the
relative positions of the speakers and the television if this
happen. Perform the following steps if you are using a
magnetically shielded television.
1 Turn off the television.
2 Wait awhile and turn the television back on.
You can also use the screw holes on the bottom of the main
speakers for installing the speakers on commercially
available speaker stands.
Although speakers should ideally be placed as shown below, satisfactory effects may be obtained even if you do not strictly
follow these guidelines.
1.5 - 1.8 m
Right rear
Rear speakers (sold separately)
Place behind or to the sides of the listening position.
Left rear
Subwoofer (sold separately)
Place near the right or left main speaker.
Center speaker (sold separately)
Place above the TV monitor in the center.
Main speakers
Place in each side of the TV monitor.
About 1.8 m
About 1.5 m
When sitting on the floor.
When sitting on the chair.
60 mm
A screw with a diameter of 4 mm can be used.
(Hole depth: 8 mm)