Yamaha RX-V771 Owner Manual

Playing back music in multiple rooms multi zone

The multi-zone function allows you to play back separate input 
sources in the room where this unit is installed (main zone) and 
another room (Zone2).
For example, while you are watching a TV in the living room (main 
zone), another person can listen to radio in the bedroom (Zone2).
• Only analog audio signals (including radio, USB and network sources) can be 
output to Zone2. To listen to playback sounds of an external device in Zone2, you 
need to connect the device to the AUDIO jacks (AV5~6, AUDIO1~2 or VIDEO AUX 
jacks) of this unit. The party mode (p.71) allows you to enjoy main zone sources in 
Zone2 simultaneously regardless of input audio signal types.
Preparing for Zone2
Connect devices to be set in Zone2 to this unit. The connection 
method varies depending on an amplifier to use (this unit or 
external amplifier).
Using the internal amplifier of this unit
Connect the speakers placed in Zone2 to this unit with speaker 
To utilize the EXTRA SP terminals for Zone2 speakers, set “Power 
Amp Assign” (p.89) in the “Setup” menu to “7ch +1ZONE” after 
connecting the power cable to an AC wall outlet.
• When Zone2 output is enabled (p.70), the surround back speakers in the main 
zone do not output sound.
Playing back music in multiple rooms (multi-zone)
• Remove the power cable of this unit from an AC wall outlet before connecting 
speakers or an external amplifier.
• Be careful that the core of the speaker cable does not touch anything or come 
into contact with the metal areas of this unit. This may damage this unit or the 
speakers. If the speaker cables short circuit, “CHECK SP WIRES” will appear 
on the front display when this unit is turned on.
Living room (main zone)
Bedroom (Zone2)
This unit (rear)
Main zone