Yamaha RX-V771 Owner Manual

Warning messages

Warning messages
Even if any warning message is displayed after the measurement, you can save the measurement results by following on-screen instructions.
However, we recommend you perform YPAO again to use this unit with the optimal speaker settings.
Warning message
W-1: Out of Phase
Any of the speaker cables may be connected with the 
reversed polarity (+/-).
Select “Wiring” in “Result” (p.39) and check the cable connections (+/-) of the speaker indicated with 
“Reverse”. If the speaker is connected incorrectly, turn off this unit and then reconnect the speaker cable. 
Depending on the type of speakers or room environment, this message may appear even if the speakers are 
connected correctly.
W-2: Over Distance
Any of the speakers is placed more than 24 m from the 
listening position.
Select “Distance” in “Result” (p.39) and move the speaker indicated with “>24.0m (>80.0ft)”  within 24 m of 
the listening position.
W-3: Level Error
There are a significant volume differences between the 
Check the use environment and cable connections (+/-) of each speaker, and the volume of the subwoofer. 
We recommend using the same speakers or speakers with as similar specifications as possible.
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Automatic speaker setup