Yamaha RX-V771 Owner Manual

Connecting speakers

Connect the speakers placed in your room to the unit. 
Here are connections of 7.1+2, 7.1 and 6.1 channel 
system as examples. If you select another system, 
connect speakers while referring to the connection of 
6.1 channel system.
Cables necessary for connection (commercially 
Speaker cables (x the number of speakers)
Audio pin cable (2 for connecting 2 subwoofers)
7.1+2 channel system
7.1 channel system 
(using surround back speakers)
Connecting speakers
• Remove the power cable of this unit from an AC wall outlet and 
turn off the subwoofer before connecting the speakers.
• Be careful that the core of the speaker cable does not touch 
anything or come into contact with the metal areas of this unit. 
This may damage this unit or the speakers. If the speaker 
cables short circuit, “CHECK SP WIRES” will appear on the 
front display when this unit is turned on.
This unit (rear)
This unit (rear)
1 2
Speaker connections
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