Yamaha RX-V771 Owner Manual

Remote control

Remote control
The files in the PC cannot be viewed or 
played back.
The files are not supported by this unit or the media server.
Use the file format supported by both this unit and the media server. For 
information about the file formats supported by this unit, see “Playing back music 
stored on PCs” (p.63).
The Internet radio cannot be played.
The selected Internet radio station is currently not available.
It may not be available to listen because there might be a network problem, or the 
station might be broadcasting in limited hour. Try the station later or select another 
The selected Internet radio station broadcasts audio silence 
Some Internet radio stations broadcast audio silence during particular periods of 
time in a day. Try the station later or select another station.
Access to the network is restricted by the firewall settings of your 
network devices (router, etc).
Check the firewall settings of your network devices. The Internet radio can be 
played only when it passes through the port designated by each radio station. 
The port number is variable depending on radio station. 
This unit cannot be controlled using the 
remote control.
Out of the operating range.
Use the remote control in the operating range (p.5).
The batteries are weak.
Replace with new batteries.
Direct sunlight or lighting  is striking the remote control sensor of 
this unit.
Adjust the lighting angle, or reposition this unit.
The remote control is set to control external devices.
Press RECEIVER/SOURCE to set the remote control to control this unit (the key 
lights up in orange).
The remote control IDs of the main unit and remote control are not 
Change the remote control ID of the main unit or remote control (p.101).
External devices cannot be controlled 
using the remote control.
The remote control is set to control this unit.
Press RECEIVER/SOURCE to set the remote control to control external devices 
(the key lights up in green).
The corresponding remote control code is not set properly.
Set the remote control code again (p.104). Even if the remote control code is
registered properly set, some products may not respond to the remote control.
The remote control does not learn new 
(China and Korea models only)
The batteries of the remote control of this unit and/or the external 
device are weak.
Replace with new batteries.
The distance between the two remote controls is not appropriate.
Place the remote controls at a proper distance (p.106).
The signal coding or modulation of the other remote control is not 
compatible with this remote control.
Learning is impossible in this case.
Memory capacity is full.
Clear unnecessary assignments to free some memory space for the new 
functions (p.107).