Yamaha RX-V771 Owner Manual


No sound.
Another input source is selected.
Select an appropriate input source with the input selection keys
Signals that this unit cannot reproduce are being input.
Some digital audio formats cannot be played back on this unit. To check the 
audio format of the input signal, use “Audio Signal” in the “Information” menu 
The cable connecting this unit and playback device is defective.
If there is no problem with the connection, replace with another cable.
The volume cannot be increased.
The maximum volume is set.
Use “Max Volume” in the “Setup” menu to adjust the maximum volume (p.92).
Any device connected to the output jacks of this unit is not turned 
on. (This may happen due to the nature of AV receivers.)
Turn on all devices connected to the output jacks of this unit
No sound is heard from a specific 
The playback source does not contain corresponding channel 
To check it, select “7ch Stereo” (p.44).
The sound program/decoder currently selected does not use the 
corresponding speaker.
To check it, select “7ch Stereo” (p.44).
Audio output of the corresponding speaker is disabled.
Perform “Auto Setup” (p.35) or use “Configuration” in the “Setup” menu to change 
the speaker setting (p.89).
The volume of the corresponding speaker is too low.
Perform “Auto Setup” (p.35) or use “Level” in the “Setup” menu to adjust the 
speaker volume (p.91).
The speaker cable connecting this unit and corresponding 
speaker is defective.
If there is no problem with the connection, replace with another speaker cable.
The corresponding speaker is malfunctioning.
To check it, replacing with another speaker. If the problem persists, this unit may 
be malfunctioning.
No sound is heard from the surround 
back speaker.
The extended surround is disabled.
Use “Extended Surround” in the “Option” menu to select a decoder to be used 
No sound is heard from the subwoofer.
The playback source does not contain LFE or low-frequency 
To check it, set “Extra Bass” in the “Setup” menu to “On”, to output the front 
channel low-frequency components from the subwoofer (p.90).
Subwoofer output is disabled.
Perform “Auto Setup” (p.35) or set “Subwoofer” in the “Setup” menu to “Use” 
The subwoofer is turned off by the auto-standby function on it.
Disable the auto-standby function of the subwoofer or adjust its sensitivity level.
No sound from the playback device 
(connected to this unit with HDMI).
The TV does not support HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content 
To check it, use “Video Signal” in the “Information” menu (p.100).
This unit is set not to output audio input through HDMI jacks from 
the SPEAKERS terminals.
In “Audio Output” in the “Setup” menu, set “Amp” to “On” (p.95).
The number of devices connected to the HDMI OUT jack is over 
the limit.
Disconnect some of the HDMI devices.