Yamaha RX-V395 Owner Manual


You can use the remote control transmitter to control not only this unit but also other components connected to it. The remote
control transmitter is factory set to control this unit and most YAMAHA audio components. To control the components of other
manufacturers, you must preset the remote control transmitter using the procedure on page 41 and the manufacturers’ codes listed
on pages 87 to 91.
Components which can be controlled
There are eight buttons on the component selector that you can select to control connected components with this remote control
transmitter. For example, if CD on the component selector is pressed, the remote control transmitter selects the CD operation
mode, allowing the CD player to be operated by the buttons on the remote control transmitter.
You can preset the code for the manufacturer of your component after pressing the shaded buttons in the illustration above.
Note that you can preset only one code for each mode. See “SETUP CODES” on page 41 for details.
In the DVD/LD and DVD MENU modes:
* Be sure to press the component selector button DVD/LD on before presetting the code for the DVD/LD player. The code
preset in the DVD/LD mode is also simultaneously preset in the DVD MENU mode. You cannot preset the code for a DVD
player in the DVD MENU mode.
* DVD MENU operations cannot be performed for some DVD players.
When using a second (and third) VCR: (See “To use a second (and third) VCR” on page 41 for details.)
* If you are not using a CBL/DBS (cable TV or DBS tuner), the second (or third) VCR can be preset in the CBL/DBS mode.
* If you are not using a DVD player, the second (or third) VCR can be preset in the DVD MENU mode. Note that in this case
you must preset the code for an LD player in the DVD/LD mode even if an LD player is not being used.
The code for a YAMAHA tape deck is
preset. (The code for the YAMAHA MD
recorder can also be preset.)
The code for a YAMAHA CD player is preset.
An LD player can be controlled in the DVD/LD
mode. A DVD player can be controlled in the
DVD/LD and DVD MENU modes. The code for
a YAMAHA DVD player is preset. If the remote
control transmitter will not operate your
YAMAHA DVD player, you need to preset code
number “0048”.
You can perform the basic operations of this unit,
set the speaker level, and set the DSP level and
delay time in the AMP<TUNER> mode.
A VCR can be controlled.
A cable television or DBS tuner can be
A television can be controlled.