Setting various functions (Setup menu)
Adjusting this unit’s network parameters
Network setup items
Specifying network parameters (IP 
address, etc.)
IP Address
Selects whether or not this unit automatically acquires network 
parameters (IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, primary 
DNS server and secondary DNS server) from a network device 
such as a router equipped with DHCP function.
Manual Setup
Turning this unit on by the command over 
the network when in the standby mode
Network Standby
Selects whether or not to turn this unit on by the command over the 
network when in the standby mode.
Setting the MAC Address Filter
MAC Address Filter
Sets the MAC address filter to restrict access to this unit in LAN.
Address Setup
Specifies the MAC addresses of network devices permitted to 
access to this unit when “MAC Address Filter” is set to “On.”
IP Address
Selects whether this unit acquires network parameters 
(IP address, etc.) from the network’s DHCP server 
automatically, or whether these parameters are 
specified manually.
Network Standby
Selects whether or not commands are accepted over 
the network when this unit is in standby mode.
MAC Address Filter
Sets the MAC address filter to restrict network access 
to this unit.
Select this setting to specify IP address manually.
On (Default)
Select this setting to acquire IP address from the 
network’s DHCP server automatically.
IP Address
Specifies the IP address assigned to this unit. An IP 
address used by another device on the same network 
may not be used.
Subnet Mask
Specifies the subnet mask assigned to this unit.
Default Gateway
Specifies the IP address of the default gateway.
DNS Server 
Server (Secondary)
Specifies the IP addresses of the primary and 
secondary Domain Name System (DNS) servers.
If the network has only one DNS address, enter that address in 
“DNS Server (Primary).” If the network has two or more DNS 
addresses, enter one of the addresses in “DNS Server (Primary)” 
and the other in “DNS Server (Secondary).”
Off (Default)
Disables to turn this unit on by the command over the 
Enables to turn this unit on by the command over the 
When “Network Standby” is set to “On,” this unit can be turned 
on by the command over the network during the standby mode 
with the power consumption of about only 5W.
Off (Default)
Disables the MAC address filter function.
Permits access to this unit only by network devices 
with specified MAC addresses.